With the Olympic Games coming up shortly, a lot of the athletes have built up a special bike for the event that they worked towards to for 4 years, actually 5 for the Tokyo edition. Customization is always a fun project. Colour matching with the best part on the market usually results in very nice equipment. The fact that 'Rule 50' needs to be followed for the Games makes it a challenge sometimes but it's good to see the colours of the nation back in the colours of the bikes. Here's James Palmer's bike. Canada represent.

Parts list James Palmer's Olympic Clayborn BMX race bike:

Frame: Clayborn XXXL frame

Forks: Answer Bmx Dagger Forks

Hubs: Answer Bmx Holeshot Hubs

Rims: Answer Bmx Pinnacle Pro rims

Headset: Answer BMX Headsetjamespalmercanada

Seat: Answer Bmx Seat

Seat Clamp: Answer Bmx Seat Clamp

Chain tensioners: Answer Bmx Chain Tensioners

Chainring: Rennen Chainring

Pedals: HT SX pedals

Special: Answer Bmx Titanium bolts

Pics by James Palmer.




Written by Bart De Jong 









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